Woodland Log Works, Inc.

This package is designed to be applied to a 13' x 17' framed building or can be built intirely as a pole building  (applied to dug-in 6 x 6's) Overall dimensions of the roof is 36' x 18+'. The roof pitch and logs are designed to match the above cabin. It could also be used to add another room (kitchen/ bathroom) to the cabin. Construction plans incuded

This package is ready for delivery or can be stored at my location for upto 6 months. Re-assembly would take approximately 2 days with a boom truck. Package price includes loading the package onto a trailer, all log-to-log reconstruction hardware and re-assembly instruction. Logs are all locally harvested and have very low moisture content. Craftsmanship is high quality. Windows and doors can be added to suit your floor plan.Come take a look! Call or Text Greg @ 406.218.9001

Cabin FOR SALE- $28,500

Updated: Dec. 21 , 2015



Overall- 24' x 28'

Two Rooms- 13' x 15', 15' x 18'

2 Covered Porches- 13'x 9', 15' x 6'

Total Under Cover- 990 sq ft..


14" Average Diameter

Lodge Pole Pine

(Cambium Layer On)

Shop/ Carport for sale-$11,500