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Woodland Log Works, Inc. is commited to maintaining the high standard of log craftmanship that our region is known for. While over the past few years several of the industry's leaders have closed their doors, The Bitterroot Valley's seasoned workforce continues to supply the industry with a source of the knowledge and skill required to maintain a long tradition of excellence. Alpine, Custom, Pioneer, Montana/Idaho, Frontier are just some of the local Log Home Companies that have helped to establish our reputation in the industry.


One key to Woodland Log Works' success has been it's abitlity to maintain a flexible work force. We generally build one project at a time and adjust the crew according to the scope of each job. By teaming highly skilled, often semi-retired, veteran builders with younger hard working laborers with an interest in learning the trade, local labor is put to work, bids stay competetive and industry standards are maintained. We take pride in this process.

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Woodland Log Works, Inc. was formed in 2007. However, president, Greg Bremer started handcrafting log homes, for Custom Log Homes, back in 1994. Starting as a laborer, over the years he worked his way thru the ranks, eventually becoming yard foreman of Mountain Logs, Inc. 

Night classes in AutoCAD made his interest in design a reality. After designing and building his own home, Greg's interest turned to business ownership. Opportunity presented itself in the form of a retiring boss, offering a source of equipment and a fimiliar customer base. Much thanks to Keith Robinson!


While the scope of projects Woodland Log Works, Inc. has tackled has varied with the trends in the industry, Greg is most passionate about traditional log cabins and smaller craftsman style homes. Between commisioned jobs Greg enjoys designing and building such projects. Take a look at our Cabins for Sale page to see pre-built log packages currently available.

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